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Become a Volunteer

We need as much help as we can get.

So if you have even just a glimmer of interest in considering offering to help us in any way, please consider taking the next step to learn more by either emailing us at contact@homelessmattersaz.org or calling us on 480-419-1914

Here are examples of the types of help needed

(plus anything you think we might not have considered)

Sleeping Mats

We desperately need more volunteers to crotchet sleeping mats. This can be done in our group gathering or, if you prefer, in your own home. Ideally, we need people with crotchet experience BUT we will also be delighted to teach anyone willing to learn.

The Process

We collect plastic grocery bags. Cut them into strips, and then crotchet those strips into really comfortable sleeping mats based on crocheting design instructions. It’s an extremely satisfying g experience to produce a beautiful sleeping mat that you know will bring comfort and support to someone in need.

Bags of Compassion

We need many more volunteers to help us fill our Bags of Compassion. We provide you with the required items, and you can do this in the comfort of your own home. For example you might be asked to fill snack bags, or fill small bottles of shampoo, or even toiletry bags. We also need volunteers to knit hats to be included in the Bags of Compassion. Additionally, other volunteers are needed to make pillows out of the remaining scraps of plastic we have cut for the sleeping bags. These remaining scraps of the plastic bags are used as the filing that is put into large bags to form pillows.

The Process

We fill colorful carrying bags with the following items:-

Wash cloth


2 pairs of socks

Can of food

Knife, fork, spoon


2 snack bars

Baseball hat









Wet Wipes

Prayer and Meditation Items

Poem about a person’s value

Brochure on how to get help

Please consider helping. Your work in helping us to fill these Bags of Compassion will be greatly appreciated.

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Make a Recommendation

If you do not feel able to volunteer at the moment please consider asking a relative or friend whom you think might possibly be interested.